About Pacific Hazelnut Farms

About Us- Roasting Hazelnuts at Pacific Hazelnut Farms

Andrew, aka The Wizard of Chocolate, landed in the Pacific Northwest in 2010. After looking for some time to stretch his entrepreneurial desire, he came across Pacific Hazelnut Farms. After a quick look around the factory and he was sold!!

He has taken what was a distressed candy factory in the historic village of Aurora, Oregon and turned it into a “MUST SEE DESTINATION IN OREGON” as mentioned in the Oregon Family Farmer publication. A recent attraction is the mural of Phil and Bert, two adorable squirrels, painted on one of the company’s storage units. We’re also currently in search of the world’s largest Hazelnut to place on display as an added attraction.

Andrew has helped to grow the retail hazelnut market dynamically by exposing it to many new retailers, Oregon stores, and new markets in co-manufacturing. Local growers and companies now come to Pacific Hazelnut and have their product coated in gourmet chocolate in small batches instead of shipping them to larger companies in California.

The factory has a retail store that offers a “One stop gift shop.” Customers can order pre-made gift boxes, create their own gift baskets and purchase tasty treats that are made right on the premises in the factory.

Pacific Hazelnut enjoys continued growth in the Custom Packing, Co-Packing, and Private Label sectors.

We are constantly looking to improve our efficiencies and upgrade our facility. The addition of food grade paneling to interior walls, application of high-efficiency epoxy to the floors, a new depositor machine and bagging machine have helped us work towards continuous improvement.

Did you know, “Stressed” spelled backwards reads “DESSERTS!” So come and meet us at the factory or order online to get your tasty treat of hazelnuts, seasoned or chocolate-covered!