Pacific Hazelnut provides a full-service private labeling program, custom packing and co-packing. Our capabilities are seasoning, enrobing, panning and packaging. We offer short runs, ingredients of your choice, product development and very personalized service.

We work with you step by step to get the product packaged and labeled so that it looks just as you envisioned!!

For customers who are new to ordering our Private Label products, we’ve included more information about each of our capabilities below:

Short Runs: We offer private label production runs of as few as 50 units or less as
“short runs.” Many customers favor these for parties, special events, weddings, conferences, and trade shows.

Seasoning: If your tastes run more toward savory than sweet, you can order hazelnuts dusted with your favorite seasonings. Customer favorites include Salted, Lightly Salted and Hickory Smoke.

Enrobing: Hazelnuts, toffee, cookies, caramels, truffles, etc. run under a waterfall of molten chocolate where they are completely covered for that perfect taste.

Panning: Have you ever wondered how we create the crunchy candy shell around our hazelnuts? We achieve the perfect candy round coating by drizzling molten chocolate as they rotate in a stainless-steel drum. This confectionary process is called “panning.”

Packaging: No matter the size, type of bag and quantities, Pacific Hazelnut has the ability to fill, weigh and seal via one its packaging lines. Call us to discuss your needs and we can quickly help you find the perfect fit.